Strathmore Hall
WolfBrown consultants conducted a feasibility study for a 2,000-seat concert hall and community performing arts education facility on the grounds of the beautifully restored historic Strathmore Hall mansion. They conducted market research to determine the audience demand for the facility and interviewed a wide range of potential users from Baltimore to Washington DC. Their research confirmed support for the concept, including use of the concert hall as a second home for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The consultants provided a detailed event program plan, building program for the RFP to architects, and pro forma budgets, as well as a site review, building specifications, capital cost estimates, and operating budgets. Within a week of the final report’s submission, Maryland’s Governor called a press conference announcing his financial support of the project.

A subsequent project allowed WolfBrown consultants to develop the full-scale business plan for the enlarged facility, as well as user pro formas and the guidelines for a joint capital campaign. William Rawn Architects, selected through a national competition, designed the facility and it opened in February, 2005 to rave reviews in the media.

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