City of Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Saint Cloud, with a population of 60,000, serves as a regional hub for a multi-county area north of the Twin Cities. With a well-preserved downtown that has many historic buildings and a renovated Paramount Theatre, the city is poised to shift away from its manufacturing roots.

WolfBrown consultants led a year-long, community-wide cultural planning process that engaged hundreds of city residents in on-going dialogues about the future of arts and culture in Saint Cloud. They facilitated community meetings, conducted interviews, researched best practices, and surveyed about 1,000 community residents on their interests and priorities for cultural experiences. Based on this data, they developed findings, as well as a draft vision, goals, and strategies for a ten-year community cultural plan. After extensive review, the plan was presented to City Council, which accepted it unanimously. In addition, the City’s Planning Commission voted to append the final draft of the cultural plan to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.