Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana

The cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN are about an hour from Indianapolis. The cities are the home of Purdue, a major university with over 40,000 students. The presence of Purdue has had an important impact on the development of cultural resources in the community. With a revitalized downtown and increasing collaboration among the two communities and the University, interest in developing a community cultural plan has grown over the past several years. A Steering Committee of approximately 40 people was appointed by both mayors, and the group contracted with WolfBrown to conduct and oversee the planning process. Over the course of a year, the consultants conducted inventory research and an extensive battery of interviews and small group meetings; they also worked with the local newspaper and volunteers from Purdue to design, conduct, and analyze a web-based survey of local residents. The completed plan, which highlighted the need for better coordination, was submitted to an enthusiastic Steering Committee and to the community. The local arts agency, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, has taken responsibility for facilitating the implementation, and work on several plan recommendations began within a few months of project completion.

For information about this plan by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation click here.