East Tennessee Foundation
The East Tennessee Foundation hired WolfBrown to assist in the development of a cultural plan for Knoxville, with a particular focus on the downtown. During the course of the project, the consultants worked with a committee of representatives of the arts, cultural, and entertainment (ACE) community, conducted interviews and groups meetings with over 150 people, developed and administered an inventory of ACE programs, conducted telephone market research of Knox County residents, and performed a cultural economic activity analysis. The resulting plan outlined a central role for ACE in the Knoxville region, with the city serving as the cultural hub of East Tennessee. Goals and strategies included initiatives to provide more cultural opportunities for children, improve marketing efforts, and establish closer ties among ACE and tourism industries. Strategies to strengthen the Arts Council were outlined in order to build more effective leadership in support of ACE. Strategies to improve financial support of ACE organizations were also identified. The Arts Council restructuring has been completed and a new Executive Director has been at work with improved communication and a stronger cultural sector.

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