Dallas Division of Cultural Affairs
In the 1970s, the City of Dallas began a cultural facilities development initiative that continues to this day. As part of this effort, WolfBrown consultants were brought on in the late 1980s to assist in the development of a comprehensive cultural facilities master plan for Dallas for the next decade. Working with a Task Force of local citizens as well as staff from the Office of Cultural Affairs, WolfBrown consultants reviewed existing cultural policy and programs. They made recommendations for updating the policies, assigning priorities among facilities projects, involving the City in facility planning in its early stages, and supporting facility use by small and emerging institutions. Utilizing an extensive interview process and on-site visits, the consultants identified the priority needs of Dallas’ cultural organizations. They also conducted a telephone survey of the general population to assess attitudes and attendance behaviors and estimate future audience potential in support of potential new facilities. The resulting report outlined recommended priorities for the near term (the first five years), longer term (the next five years), and beyond (into the next decade).

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