Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Board Self-Evaluation Process
After WolfBrown successfully helped the Rockefeller Brothers Fund realign its arts grantmaking program with other priorities and realize a new program focused on “Democratic Practice"; the Rockefeller Brothers Fund asked WolfBrown to design and facilitate its Board’s self-evaluation process. A highly constructive and productive half-day Board session at Pocantico gave all Board members a chance to address the future of the Foundation’s governance goals and objectives. Following this exercise, Board members reached a clearer consensus regarding governance priorities and the means for achieving them.

Envisioning the Possibilities of Pocantico
With his bequest of the Rockefeller family homestead in upstate New York to the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP), Gov. Nelson Rockefeller launched a process by which much of the entire Pocantico estate will ultimately come to benefit the public, even as its historic collections and world-class park-like environs are preserved by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), which manages and programs several of the facilities for its Pocantico Conference Center. RBF engaged WolfBrown to work with outside experts and board members in envisioning potential uses for new portions of the estate as they are bequeathed to the NTHP in the future. Over the course of two years, the consultants facilitated and documented meetings of representatives from a variety of fields, as well as members of RBF’s Pocantico Committee, shepherding a process that ultimately produced a long-range planning framework and guidelines for developing specific programs. As opportunities arise, these programs will seek to leverage and magnify RBF’s grant-making programs, explore the family’s commitment to philanthropy, and provide for greater public access.

For other services WolfBrown has provided to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, see Organizational Assessment , Program Planning , and Strategic Planning .

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