Museum Loan Network
The Museum Loan Network, which facilitates the long-term loan of art and objects of cultural heritage among U. S. institutions, engaged WolfBrown to design and facilitate a series of three “think tanks.” The topic was how museums and their objects can spur collaboration among disparate partners. Held over an 18-month period, the three “convenings” brought leaders from the fields of art history, dance, theater, philanthropy, art, public television, science, history, education, libraries, and museums together to create a framework for thinking about “collaboration” and then look more closely at its elements. At their conclusion, WolfBrown distilled the proceedings for a document titled Museum as Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Beginning a Conversation. It offers interviews with participants and covers such topics as reasons to collaborate; building blocks; hallmarks of successful collaboration; managing collaborations; evaluating collaborations; and readiness to collaborate.

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