Institute of Museum and Library Services
"The 21st Century Learner"
For several years WolfBrown assisted the IMLS with The 21st Century Learner, a major initiative to catalyze community partnerships for lifelong (or “free choice”) learning across the country, with libraries and museums taking a lead role. Work began when WolfBrown facilitated a roundtable at which representatives of museums, libraries, and other resources together discussed what might be expected of learners and learning styles in what was then the “coming” century. Informed by their ideas, WolfBrown went on to advise the Institute as it formed a steering committee (facilitating a meeting with that 18-member group) and assist the IMLS staff in exploring the potential for private foundations to partner with the federal agency in funding demonstration projects. Finally, the consultants helped plan a major, three-day conference that brought over 400 people to Washington in November 2000 to discuss how community organizations can collaborate to meet their citizens’ learning goals and needs.

WolfBrown also authored a ‘Working Paper on The 21st Century Learner’.

"A Partnership for a Nation of Learners"
Over a 9-month period, WolfBrown assisted in brokering a synergistic relationship between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Under the umbrella, “A Partnership for a Nation of Learners,” these two agencies have pooled a portion of their resources in an effort to promote similar community-based collaborations. After considerable planning, a two-day retreat was held which involved organizational and field representatives from throughout the country. The sponsoring agencies have since implemented joint funding initiatives and other activities designed to maximize their considerable assets and promote partnership wherever museums and public broadcasters are active.

All Working Paper Titles
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Number 19
Bricks, Mortar, and Planning
published 2006

Number 18
A Fresh Look at Arts Particpation
published 2006

Number 17
Tools of the Trade
Prospect Research Updated
published 2005

Number 16
Assess, Plan, Evaluate
published 2005

Number 15
Donor Diversification:
The Challenge of Single-Source Funding
published 2004

Number 14
Community Planning:
The New Context at Play
published 2004

Number 13
"Plus Ça Change…”
What's New About Boards?
published 2004

Number 12
Founders and Succession
Creating Effective Transitions
published 2003

Number 11
The Value in Evaluation
Finding Approaches That Work
published 2002 (~85KB PDF)

Number 10
Making Sense of the Numbers
Communicating Financial Information Effectively
published 2002 (~74KB PDF)

Number 9
Dealing with Crisis
Achieving Stability in Difficult Times
published 2001 (~90KB PDF)

Number 8
Venture Philanthropy
Evolving from Theory into Practice
published 2001 (~55KB PDF)

Number 7
Home is Where?
Regionalism, Hometowns and Culture
published 2000 (~ 51KB PDF)

Number 6
The 21st Century Learner
Cultural Institutions as Content Providers
published 2000 (~ 50KB PDF)

Number 5
Staying Afloat
Three Windows on Nonprofit Sustainability
published 1999 (~ 52KB PDF)

Number 4
Performing Arts Centers
Lightning Rods of Change
published 1999 (~ 55KB PDF)

Number 3
Cultural Trusts
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Lump Sum
published 1998 (~ 52KB PDF)

Number 2
Resource Development
Taking an Integrated Approach
published 1998 (~ 54KB PDF)

Number 1
Cultural Programming
Can Anything Appeal to Anyone?
published 1997 (~ 65KB PDF)

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