The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Asset Management Caucus
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Future Fund engaged WolfBrown consultants to design, facilitate, and report on a nationwide Asset Management Caucus. Public broadcasting stations were invited to propose ways their “rich media” – especially the audio and video archives that they have in storage – could be used creatively in partnership with other community institutions such as the schools, the library, or local cultural institutions. Wringing value out of these assets and using them to seed community partnerships was an issue of growing importance to The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and its member stations. The success of the Caucus made it possible for the Future Fund to identify areas where its project support could result in models of asset management that other broadcasters and communities could learn from and apply.

Community Partnership Initiative
As a service to the Future Fund within the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, consultants from WolfBrown worked with CPB personnel, station managers, and community outreach practitioners to shape a new initiative designed to help local public broadcasters develop community partnerships and to re-imagine the ways that broadcast assets could be brought to bear on community needs. The result has been to help position public broadcast stations as essential ingredients in the "social capital" mix in their communities, working from the ground up to identify and respond to new priorities and opportunities, and to cast themselves as more than content distributors alone.

Partnership Building
Over a 9-month period, WolfBrown assisted in brokering a synergistic relationship between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Under the umbrella, “A Partnership for a Nation of Learners,” these two agencies have pooled a portion of their resources in an effort to promote similar community-based collaborations. After considerable planning, a two-day retreat was held which involved organizational and field representatives from throughout the country. The sponsoring agencies have since implemented joint funding initiatives and other activities designed to maximize their considerable assets and promote partnership wherever museums and public broadcasters are active.

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