The 21st Century Music Director: A Symposium
Curious about those charismatic “maestros” who conduct our symphony orchestras? Are they hold-overs from the 19th century or are they models for 21st century leadership?

WolfBrown facilitated and documented a symposium held at Tanglewood to consider these questions. Sponsored by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, along with the Hewlett, Knight, Mellon, and Packard Foundations, the focus was on the role of music directors in the 21st century. Nearly thirty individuals - including music directors, musicians, orchestra administrators, managers, trustees, and funders - attended the two-day meeting. The proceedings of the symposium appear in the most recent issue of Harmony, Forum of the Symphony Orchestra Institute. Included in the report are comments on the four areas of change the symposium participants highlighted as critical to the success of 21st century music directorships.

Click here to download a copy of the symposium report in PDF format. (~66KB)