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Join the conversation about "Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations" and read Tom Wolf's blog

WolfBrown is pleased to announce another excerpt from Thomas Wolf’s popular new book, Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations: How Executive Directors and Boards Work Together from Allworth Press. Below, we are posting illuminating case histories from the book that can lead to improved management and governance practices.

The book focuses on one key to success in managing a nonprofit -- building strong relationships between an executive director and the trustees and navigating associated personal, political, and legal challenges to an effective partnership. Dozens of case studies illuminate the issues that often impede the progress of nonprofit organizations and show how executive director and trustees can address them. Each chapter also contains a set of questions that enable leaders to reflect on the health of their own organization and also evaluate other nonprofits, as well as to create sustainable, effective business practices and productive working relationships.

Read the blog posts and join the conversation!
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For single copies of the book, go to For information on discounts on multiple copy orders, email or call This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (617-494-9300).