EdVestors is an organization that raises and strategically invests funds to improve the quality of education in Boston’s schools. In 2011, they asked WolfBrown to help guide their strategy around arts education by ensuring that the opportunities currently available to students were well understood, and that students’ aspirations for study in the arts were well-represented. To this end, WolfBrown developed and administered a survey to a representative sample of over 1,200 elementary and high school students. The results of the survey revealed that while nearly all elementary school students had access to instruction in at least one arts discipline during the school day, the same was true for fewer than two thirds of high school students. The survey also revealed that most students wanted additional arts instruction during the school day, and across an expanded set of forms and genres (e.g., cartooning, keyboard instruments, and dance teams). These findings guided EdVestors' strategy for developing ongoing programs in continuous improvement and peer-to-peer professional development for both district teachers and collaborating arts partners.

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Consultants: Dennie Palmer Wolf
Category: Arts Education Research and Program Development